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I’ve often likened my travels through life to a Curious George book. Do you remember Curious George, the little monkey? He always had such a simple smile on his face and a bendy shape that made it look like he could move around easily at the whims of his thoughts. I feel like I am constantly exploring life. I’m not the skydiving type or the “eats live bugs” type, but I enjoy opening new doors, mysterious windows, crawling through the spooky tunnels and “forbidden” caves, and generally swimming in the nameless oceans that present themselves in our daily lives.

I am as intrigued by the tall bright shiny buildings of life as I am by the “Keep Out” signs in front of wire fences and overgrown grass.

My real story: I’ve lived many dreams, sported many labels, followed many well-worn paths, and blazed a few trails of my own. I am a wife, step-mom, daughter, friend, singer, career coach, events planner, writer, food network watcher, backyard daydreamer, pet lover (my cat Rosa)…but don’t be deceived by these labels. I explore labels in one of my posts. Everyone who sees these words imagines something different. So, let’s just imagine a raw person, someone I am getting to know all over again or perhaps for the first time.

In college, I vowed that I would never have a “desk job”. I was a singer, dancer, actress, and life was truly an adventure. Well, I did sing and dance for a while, and I even got paid to do it. However, fast forward 10-15 years, and I found myself at a desk. Now, having a desk at your job is not the devil I thought it was in college. The desk is not the issue. However, I’d fallen into a trap. I became a robotic version of myself, seeking to survive every day in my full-time job and long commute. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror, and the most precious people in my life got my worst hours, the hours where one eye was left open just before I collapsed into bed only to sleep restlessly and get up to do it all over again. I was exhausted, and I just felt sick, sad, and desperate.

I knew I needed to live differently. I tried the “side hustle” for a while to start my own business, though my professional and personal commitments were so consuming on every level that I could not ever keep it up. I’ve gone to numerous networking meetings, met great people, considered other jobs, read books and blogs, and eventually determined that the only way, if I can help it, to live as I desire, is to do it from scratch myself. So, I quit. Quit my job that is. There’s a label for you. Quitter. And I couldn’t be more captivated by what I’ve done. (And yes, being scared and weirded out a little were feelings I especially experienced at the beginning of this transition!)

I believe that everyone has a right to challenge and recalculate old assumptions about work and life while embracing individual style as well as a sense of mental and emotional freedom. In this blog, I chronicle my discoveries along the way of this particular life experiment. I also add observations and helpful insight I’ve learned along the paths I’ve walked regarding lifestyle and career strategy. I stepped out on faith and dove all the way in.

A few months into my life experiment, I launched my own career and lifestyle coaching business, “Christy Robb Career & Lifestyle”. I invite you to check out the site and reach out to me for a free consultation if you would like to explore working together in a coaching partnership.

I draw from years of experience in a range of perspectives including as a career coach and corporate recruiter as well as an educational background in counseling psychology. Click here to read the rest of my professional bio. We can discuss your need to  explore and move towards yourself and your desires, and/or design a competitive job search strategy. Reach out at christy@christyrobb.com.

So I sailed my ship into the next nameless ocean, armed with support from friends and family, a healthy dose of nerves – and also excitement –  from my parents, my husband leading the cheering section, and my faith telling me that somehow, it will all be ok. I jumped in not knowing exactly how it would all turn out, and I knew there would be scary winds and rough waters along the way. I was also sure there would be sights I’ve never seen.

At first, I watched the shore disappear. Then, I spent time smelling the sea air, feeling the salty wind, squinting at the morning sunburst, riding the bobbing waves, and contemplating the horizon. I had enough in my boat for a little while, so I looked up and out first, rather than down. And then I started to fish.

There are storms and then there are beautiful sunsets I never would have noticed before.  You might say that I am meandering. I’d say you are right. I am meandering meaningfully.

I invite you to join me, observe, comment, offer thoughts and ponder along with me. Welcome Aboard!

Yours Truly,
Christy Robb…..Curious Christy


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